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Canadian Dream
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Take Advantage of the Many Hot Jobs in Canada
The Canadian economy is thriving, and this means that there is a great demand for professionals in various industries. The acute shortage of such professionals has prompted the Canadian government to relax immigration laws in order to encourage Canadian firms to employ foreign workers in industries that are most affected by this shortage. 

Where the Professional Services Are Most Needed?
Some of the provinces that suffer most from this shortage of professionals include Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Every year, a large number of workers from foreign countries flock to Canada in order to take advantage of the numerous opportunities there. The fact that the government is encouraging this means that there are few bottlenecks that prevent them from accomplishing this. 

The Details of Applying For These Jobs
Most of the jobs of these types are full time jobs, which involve working more than 40 hours a week. The education level is one of the requirements to apply for the job vary, depending on the job, but most will require you to have completed at least a high school diploma. The average salary in most of such jobs works out to around $30 per hour, and it will be necessary for applicants to have a grasp of Basic English.

Okay! What do I do now?
If you are interested in applying for such jobs, simply contact us right now for all the help you need, including legal and logistical advice.


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CIC Canada Immigration Company ltd.


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